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Important Legislative Action Needed:


2-14-16 Dear Friends:

Right to Life of Idaho is sponsoring two (2) pro-life bills this legislative
session--the Ultrasound and the Protection from Dismemberment Abortion

Ultrasound Bill:

A bill requiring abortion providers to give information to
women about where and how they can get a free ultrasound prior to an
abortion and prior to payment of any fees. This bill will likely be
introduced into the House State Affairs Committee next week.

Protection from Dismemberment Abortion:

A bill to ban “dismemberment abortions.” Dismemberment abortions are a
common and brutal type of D&E abortion which involves dismembering a living,
fully formed unborn child. They are late-term abortions that Planned
Parenthood and other providers perform—sometimes for the purpose of
harvesting the unborn baby’s organs. The D&E procedures account for 96%
of all second trimester abortions. We hope to introduce this bill soon.

Both bills are being sponsored by Rep. Ron Nate and 22 Representatives
in the House, and by Sens Sheryl Nuxoll, Steve Vick, Mary Souza, Bob
Nonini,and Lori Den Hartog in the Senate.

Please contact your two (2) Idaho House Representatives and one (1)
Senate legislator now.

Go to: How To Contact Your Legislators.

Ask them to support this vital protective legislation.

Thank you & Blessings,
Kerry Uhlenkott

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EDUCATE yourself and others, read pro-life books and share your knowledge

WORK for service groups such as Alternative Care, Birthright, or for educational groups such as Right to Life of Coeur d'Alene

CONTRIBUTE time, effort and money. Your stewardship is needed

VOTE so that through this process, officals will be elected who are pro-life and pro-family

WRITE letters each week on current issues to elected officals, local government, the media, or departments which deal with health and counseling. Be brief, courteous, pointed and sign your name



Please consider joining your efforts with ours in seeking a resolution to abortion. We will be strengthened by your commitment.